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What Is Brand to Demand? And Why Does it Matter?

What Is Brand to Demand? And Why Does it Matter? Most marketers are familiar with the terms “brand awareness” and “demand gen” as goals, but they typically fall into separate campaigns. And while that’s a good practice theoretically, it means you could be missing out on buyers that learned about...

What Does it Take to Succeed with Email Marketing Today?

What Does it Take to Succeed with Email Marketing Today? Why is TechnologyAdvice Free? The number of emails B2B buyers get can seem overwhelming. Overall, consumers receive over 306 billion emails per day. Despite this, email marketing continues to work for many companies, influencing their buyers and providing a great...

How to Prioritize Customer Experience in the Buying Journey

The B2B software buying experience is complex, and as the market becomes more crowded, that complexity only increases. This is problematic for both vendors and buyers. Buyers don’t know which vendor is the best fit for their needs, and vendors are having trouble getting in front of their ideal customers....

How Business Users Change the Game of B2B Marketing

How Business Users Change the Game of B2B Marketing Twenty years ago, software vendors that wanted to sell into an enterprise organization would target the tech team and its leadership. They could develop and distribute whitepapers and product guides, and attend the conferences where technology leaders went to talk shop....

Understanding Differences in B2B Buying Groups

Why is TechnologyAdvice Free? When companies need to add software to their technology stack, they typically form a buying committee made up of different people who will be affected by the decision. The average buying committee is around 7 people, however, no two buying groups look the same. Vendors must...

CRM Data Migration: Complete Guide for Spreadsheet Migration

In this article... Key Takeaways What is CRM Data Migration? How to Implement a CRM Migration Strategy? Choosing a CRM for Data Migration Top CRM Software Recommendations Key Takeaways If you’ve currently been using an Excel spreadsheet as your CRM, migrating to an actual CRM can make a huge difference...

How to Use CRM for Business

How to Use CRM for Business A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the most effective software platforms that your sales and marketing teams can use. However, in order to make the most of your CRM, you need to understand what a CRM system is and be able...

Insightly vs. Zoho: Which CRM is Best for Your Small Business?

Key Takeaways When comparing Insightly vs. Zoho, the two prove to be evenly matched in sales automation and contact management. The two CRM software systems differ most in task management and reporting features. Insightly’s project management feature is a clear advantage for businesses of any size or level of experience....

CRM vs Marketing Automation: How are they Different?

CRM vs Marketing Automation: How are they Different? Key Takeaways There are certainly some similarities between CRM and marketing automation, considering marketing automation is a common feature of CRM platforms. CRM and marketing automation have some distinct differences as well. In most cases, businesses will benefit from choosing a CRM...

Top 5 Keap Alternatives and Competitors

Key Takeaways Keap is specifically designed for small business needs, so larger companies will quickly run into roadblocks with the software. If Keap doesn’t meet your business’s CRM requirements, consider alternatives that might close the gap in areas where Keap falls short. Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) combines customer relationship...
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